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The Folklore Forum Podcast

A Beginner's Guide to Iceland's Huldufólk

Natalie takes you on a beginner's tour of Iceland's beloved folklore beings, the Hidden People. Where are they from? What do they look like? Are they friendly or deadly? And, do Icelanders really believe in them? Natalie is answering all those questions and more!

The Folklore Forum podcast features the discussion of popular folktales, conversations with story lovers, and interviews with authors, researchers, scholars, and everyone in between. 

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Welcome to The Folklore Forum, your escape into the magical realm of folk and fairy tales.

The Folklore Forum is a place for anyone who is enchanted by history and lore to come together and share ideas, opinions, and experiences. While not all stories age as well as others, there are often seeds of hope and beauty found within. Some old tales are meant to be retold and shared and the Forum helps makes it possible.

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Why Start a Community?

Writer and podcast host, Natalie Guttormsson, wanted a place for story lovers to gather, share, and discuss famous folktales, fairy tales, and more obscure stories from the past. She wanted to create a space to openly discuss the common threads of stories found in cultures around the globe. 


Natalie became particularly fascinated with the similar human experiences recorded in the stories from Northern European countries such as Scotland, Iceland, and Germany - the lands of her immigrating ancestors. Natalie believes the reason for the reappearance of particular stories in different regions is clear: the imagination cannot be contained within borders.

Enjoy the Magic of Folk and Fairy Tales

Beyond the magic of the stories, there are many similar undercurrents in the human experience, regardless of the country of origin. You can join in the conversation or simply enjoy the content at your leisure - the choice is yours!


But if you stick around, you might learn some historical context you might not have heard before about many popular folktales. 

For example, did you know...

...Rumpelstiltskin was not as unique as he thought he was?

...the Selkie of Sanday was also the Seal Woman of Southern Iceland?

...that Norwegians aren’t the only ones who call their youngest son Ash Lad?


If you didn't, you're not alone!


You’re bound to find something in common with others when you start by sharing stories, no matter where you are from.

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About Your Host

Natalie Guttormsson is a writer, poet, and folklore enthusiast from Canada. Her exploration of her ancestral heritage - a Canadian blend of Icelandic, Scottish, English, and German- led her to notice the similarities and overlaps between the cultures. After several conversations about stories with friends from other parts of the world, an idea began to take shape. She wanted to create a space outside of academia and away from social media where people could come together to talk about stories, critique and dissect their relevance to today, and connect with each other. And so the Folklore Forum was started.

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